Comprehensive First Aid Kit


  • This is the kit we recommend for horse owners travelling any distance with a performance horse
  • It contains quality bandages and dressings for managing most leg wounds and foot abscesses in emergency situations and larger quantities are included in the box in case you find yourself 100’s of kilometres from veterinary help
  • A larger selection of ointments and linaments are in included in addition to an extensive array of equipment which may come in handy if you are travelling
  • Don’t forget to add in some electrolytes (based on your horse’s preference) to keep hydrated during travel
  • Please note: Due to shipping restrictions if ordering from outside Australia the Cetrigen aerosol spray will be replaced with 75ml Betadine Antiseptic Liquid Spray
1 x Heavy Duty Tool Box 1 x Mayo Scissors 13cm 1 x Forceps 15cm
1 x Bandage Scissors 7.5″ 1 x Hoof Pick with brush 1 x Bot Knife
1 x Stethoscope HS Professional 1 x Vaseline 50g 1 x Penlight Torch
1 x 700ml Kidney Dish 1 x Sharps Container 750ml 2 x Scalpel Blade with Handle
5 x Eye Wash 15ml 3 x Cotton Tip Applicators (2-pack) 6 x Medi-swabs
1 x Instant Ice Pack 1 x Epsom Salts 250g 1 x Animalintex Poultice
3 x Melolin 10x10cm 3 x Melolin 10x20cm 3 x Jelonet 10x10cm
2 x Soffban 15cm 2 x Handy Crepe 15cm 4 x HS Cohesive Bandage 10cm
2 x HS Adhesive 10cm 2 x HS Adhesive 7.5cm 1 x Curabine Roll
1 x Cottonwool Roll 375g 1 x Duct Tape 1 x Swabs 10x10cm (100-pack)
1 x Chlorhex Scrub 200ml 1 x Iodine Solution 200ml 1 x Saline for Irrigation 500ml
1 x Betadine Ointment 65g 1 x White Healer 100g 1 x Cetrigen 100g
1 x Solosite 50g 1 x Cath Tip Syringe 60ml 2 x Syringe 30ml
2 x Syringe 20ml 2 x Syringe 10ml 10 x Needle 18G
10 x Needle 19G 10 x Needle 21G 10 x Needle 22G

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