Tubbease Hoof Sock


  • Allows a variety of treatments, poultices or bandages to be applied to the hoof, or liquid treatment can simply be poured in or over the whole sock once it is on the hoof
  • the ‘breathability’ allows the liquid to enter and soak the hoof, but then also to drain and dry out
  • Excellent vehicle for treatment of injuries and diseases such as abscesses, thrush, seedy toe, thin sole, cracks and fissures and general deterioration of the hoof
  • Can act as a soaking boot for hard dry feet prior to farriery

NB: Tubbease should always be secured with the Velcro strap supplied. A bandage is not suitable or adequate. Replacement straps are available.

*** Sold individually ***

Please measure foot diameter prior to ordering as no refunds or returns accepted on this product if the wrong size is purchased.

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