PCA First Aid Kit


  • This kit has been put together following the PCA guidelines and contains the necessary items for C-Star assessment
1 x Tactix Tool Box 1 x Stethoscope HS Lightweight 1 x Thermometer – Digital Rapid
1 x Scissors 13cm Curved 1 x Penlight Torch 1 x Scalpel Blade with Handle
1 x Bandage Scissors 7.5″ 2 x Cotton Tip Applicators (2-pack) 1 x Vaseline 100g
1 x Epsom Salts 250g 1 x Betadine Antiseptic Spray 75ml 1 x Animalintex Poultice
2 x Melolin 10x10cm 2 x Melolin 10x20cm 2 x Jelonet 10x10cm
2 x Handy Crepe 15cm 1 x Cottonwoll Roll 375g 1 x Curabine Roll
4 x HS Cohesive Bandage 10cm 2 x HS Elastic Adhesive 7.5cm 2 x HS Elastic Adhesive 10cm
1 x Chlorhex scrub 200ml 1 x Iodine Solution 200ml 1 x Saline for Irrigation 500ml
1 x Savlon Cream 75g 1 x Septicide Ointment 50g 2 x Syringe 30ml
2 x Syringe 20ml 2 x Syringe 10ml 10 x Needle 18G
10 x Needle 19G 10 x Needle 21G 10 x Needle 22G
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