Foaling Kit (Small)


  • This kit contains most of the items a single mare owner would need to have on standby for foaling season
  • A few towels and a good torch/outside lighting would complete this foaling kit
1 x 11L Plastic Pail 1 x Stethoscope (Lightweight) 1 x Thermometer (Digital Rigid)
1 x Scissors 16cm 1 x Haemostats 14cm 1 x Penlight torch
2 x Cohesive Bandage 10cm 2 x Swabs 10 x 10cm (100 pack) 1 x Betadine Solution 200ml
1 x Betadine Spray 75ml 1 x KY Jelly 100g 1 x Fleet Enema 133ml
1 x Obstetric Lubricant 450ml 1 x Rectal Gloves (100/box) 10 x 18/19/20/22G Needles
2 x 30ml Syringes 2 x 20ml Syringes 2 x 10ml Syringes

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