Essentials First Aid Kit


  • This is our essentials kit – the things we consider you ABSOLUTELY must have on standby if you own a horse
  • These sealed waterproof bags are great for throwing in the car or float without taking up lot of space
  • It contains an selection of our best selling bandages so you can deal with wounds in an emergency situation
  • Also included is a selection of essential equipment necessary to manage commonly encountered injuries
  • Wound cleaning solution and irrigation supplies included
  • Solocite ointment included for first line management of wounds
1 x EVFA Logo Zip Bag 1 x Thermometer (Digital Rigid) 1 x Bandage Scissors 7.5″
1 x Hoof Pick (basic) 5 x Eye Wash 15ml 1 x Swabs 10x10cm (100 pack)
1 x Iodine Scrub 200ml 1 x Saline for Irrigation 500ml 1 x Betadine ointment 25g
1 x Cottonwool Roll 375g 1 x Animalintex Poultice 2 x Melolin 10x20cm
2 x HS Cohesive Bandage 10cm 2 x HS Elastic Adhesive Bandage 10cm 1 x Dosing Syringe 60ml
2 x Syringe 30ml 2 x Syringe 20ml 2 x Syringe 10ml
10 x Needle 18G 10 x Needle 19G 10 x Needle 21G
1 x Kidney Dish 700ml

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