Solocite Ointment 50g


  • Non-cytotoxic, non-irritant and non-sensitising hydrogel which can be used for any superficial or deep wounds – a first aid kit “must have”!
  • Creates and maintains an optimal moist wound environment as it desloughs and debrides
  • Donates moisture to rehydrate non-viable tissue & absorbs exudate while retaining its structure in the wound
  • Water polymer structure means the gel is “swellable” and remains in a gel state until saturated
  • Best used in the initial stages of wound management to absorb excessive exudation from wounds, while helping to prevent the build-up of cellular debris and promote tissue granulation
  • Contains effective preservatives to ensure that multiple re-use of the tube may occur without fear of increasing wound infection
  • Pack size: 50g

VET TIP: Apply liberally to any acute superficial or deep wound and apply dressing/bandage until veterinary attention can be sought.

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