Melcare Manuka Wound Gel 250g


  • Contains
    • Leptospermum sp. honey (80%)
    • Natural oils (protect wound margins)
    • Seaweed derived hydrocolloids (enhance honey’s properties as a wound dressing)
  • Minimally heat treated to preserve natural properties and irradiated to destroy bacterial spores
  • Primary dressing of choice for wound bed cleaning and protection; provides the right micro environment for the wound bed
  • Removes barriers to healing and stimulates the healing process
  • Low pH and high osmotic potential which helps protect the wound from contamination and colonisation by bacteria. It also rapidly deodorises wounds to help protect them from fly strike.
  • Indications:
    • Traumatic/acute and surgical wounds
    • Chronic wounds
    • Malodorous and sloughy wounds

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